The DB Education Portal

The DB Education Portal is an attractive, easy to use and customisable intranet homepage for your staff, students, parents and governors. Centralising access to key services, each user group has their own version of the portal, with only the information and links relevant to them displayed.

The Portal acts as the hub of everything that we offer and provides full single sign on integration into a number of key services. This means that all of our product offering can be accessed with a single username and password, usually the same one that you use to login to your PCs on site. The Portal also integrates with Office 365, Google and many more, allowing full single sign on into each of these services.

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Key documents are centralised and news items can easily be posted by staff to any version of the site. Staff who your network team delegate appropriate access to can create and manage pages on the Portal, allowing it to become the hub of all of the key information staff, students,  parents and governors need during their time at the school.

On the right hand side of the Portal, links to key services can be added in seconds. This includes third part services, but also the rest of the DB Education Suite, such as our Seating Plans and Student Profile applications.

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