Appraisal System for Schools and Trusts

Our innovative appraisal system for schools and academy trusts is fully customisable, allowing members of your Senior Leadership Team to define exactly how the appraisal should look, creating different templates for different categories of staff, including teaching staff and support staff. Each template can be assigned any number of targets, made up of open text fields, drop down menus and much more. Each target can be set as customisable by the end user, or fixed, allowing you to take total control of your appraisal and performance management systems.

Appraisal System for Schools
The Initial setup of appraisal templates

Once setup, appraisal templates and line managers can be assigned to staff. Appraisals are then completed online, with each member of the process able to feed into both target setting and the review process. Key data is pulled in automatically, from performance management processes such as learning walks, allowing an effective review towards the end of the process.

Appraisal System for Schools
A staff member beginning to set their targets

Linked to The Portal, access to the Develop Dashboard is fully Single Sign On, so no additional usernames or passwords are needed.

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