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As acting educational professionals, we create innovative teaching and learning software to help improve attainment and outcomes in schools and trusts across the UK, by providing improved access to key data, allowing you to focus on the important things.

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Single Sign On Portal for All Users

The portal is an attractive, easy to use and customisable intranet homepage for your staff, students, parents and governors. Each user group has their own version of the portal, with only the information relevant to them displayed.

Documents are centralised, news items can easily be posted by staff to any version of the site. More than this however, the portal acts as a SAML 2.0 based single sign on provider, meaning we integrate with a wide range of popular third party applications, including Office 365, Google Classroom and Moodle. You login once, with one set of login details and will automatically be signed into your vital third party services.

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Data Sync to Active Directory, Google Classroom and Microsoft Teams

Google Classroom is a brilliant, free tool with world class support from Google. However, it requires a lot of setup each year. Teachers create all of their groups, giving students a code to join. Some students do, others never bother and miss out.

No longer! With our automated, nightly synchronisation, your MIS timetable is automatically imported into Google Classoom, with all groups created for you and students automatically placed into the correct groups.

Intuitive Data Dashboards

Our new, intuitive dashboards take the hard work out of data analysis. With versions for Senior Leadership Teams, Heads of Department and Heads of Year, our dashboards pull together data on everything from attainment and behaviour to the impact of the interventions taking place and the quality of homework set.

Instead of trawling through your management information system, or purchasing yet another analysis tool with their own set of usernames and passwords, why not schedule a demo of our all-inclusive data dashboards?

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Automatically track the impact of key interventions

All staff are able to log interventions undertaken for students within two easy clicks from their seating plans. By double clicking on a student tab and setting a target, the intervention is underway.

This however, is where our magic begins. The impact of interventions are automatically tracked. Be it attainment, attendance, behaviour or achievement, our system automatically tracks what works and what doesn't, displaying it clearly on your data dashboards. This allows you to spend more time on the interventions that work and next to no time of data analysis.

Automated Seating Plans, Linked to your MIS

This easy to use and highly intuitive application automatically imports groups for every teacher within your school, displaying students in a grid based layout which allows for the quick and easy creation of effective seating plans. Students are presented alongside key OFSTED data such as pupil premium and special educational needs status, as well as assessment data such as target grade, most recent assessment point result and estimated progress 8 score.

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Always Up to Date

Our sync ensures that your data is always up to date, from SIMS and other MIS providers

Concrete Security

Our industry leading SAML security authentication, means your PC username and password is all your need

Key Tasks Automated

Key tasks, such as tracking the impact of interventions are automated, saving teachers time

Frequent Updates

We provide full and ongoing support for all of the software provided, as well as continued feature updates


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Come and Join the Revolution!

We believe that technology should save time for teachers to focus on their core role; their students. New applications should automatically log you in with your normal login details. Data input should be as limited as possible while having the biggest impact. Everything that can be undertaken automatically, should be. These principles have acted as the foundation for all of the work that we do.

Are you interested in finding out how we can support teaching and learning in your school? Get in touch with us to schedule a demo!