Data Dashboards

Our innovative Data Dashboards aggregate data from your Management Information System, Office 365, Google Classroom and more, into an easy to use graphical interface. Complex and slow reports from SIMS are a thing of the past, with Governor, SLT, Head of Year and Head of Subject Dashboards displaying relevant data to specific user groups.

Divided into key areas including Attainment, Attendance, Behaviour, E-Learning and much more through an easy to navigate menu, the data is always up to date and immediately accessible. Staff are presented with the data required to make effective decisions and can instead spend their time making an impact upon this.

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Linking from The Portal, all of our dashboards are fully single sign on, meaning no additional usernames and passwords are needed. Users of the relevant security groups automatically see tiles for the Governor, SLT, Year and Subject Dashboards on the Portal homepage and can access their data in a single click.

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