A Background

Whilst working as Head of e-Learning and Network Manager at a large Dorset based Secondary School, we spent considerable time scouring the market for an effective e-learning solution that fully met our needs. Despite working with numerous third party software developers we found struggled to find software which facilitated truly transformational change. Staff who lacked a technological mind set avoided interacting with the systems that we had in place, students who lacked the inclination used the clunky nature of the software as an excuse. In short, we realised that an intuitive, highly accessible software suite which integrated key information was vital to the success of e-learning in schools.

We implemented our initial easy access portal and distributed 3,000 parental accounts in addition to the 1,600 student and 200 staff already in place. The success of this project lead to a range of other software development projects, solving real life issues with extensive teacher input.

Since 2014 we have developed a range of educational software solutions that we believe fully meet the criteria so missing early on in our e-learning journey. Each piece holds improving teaching and learning as an absolute core focus. We do not create software for the sake of it, we analyse clear and current needs and provide solutions which focus on outcomes for both teachers and students.

DB Education founder, Neil is the Network Lead for a large, multi academy trust of 17 schools, overseeing in excess of 5000 students and in 500 staff.

Neil BurroughsFounder

Fellow DB Education founder, Matt is an Assistant Principal of a large Somerset based Seconary School, with an oversight of E-Learning.

Matt DobleFounder

Our Mission Statement

As acting educational professionals, we aim to create intuitive software which helps improve teaching and learning in secondary schools across the UK, by providing improved access to key data, allowing you to focus on the important things.



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